You CAN be eco friendly even when shopping online

Shopping online sustainably

When you go to the supermarket you usually try to remember your reusable shopping bags right? Need a coffee, take a reusable cup. We are generally quite conscious of how sustainably we shop when out and about. What about when we are shopping online though? Is there a way we can shop sustainably there too?

The good news is there ARE some simple ways we can all reduce our environmental impact when we shop online. Here are some tips to help you shop smart online.

1. If you know you will run out of something soon, buy it with your other purchases even if you don’t need it right away. You will not only save money on shipping, you are also reducing your carbon footprint from packaging and transporting multiple items only once. Remember, the more you purchase multiple times without combining, the more of an impact you will have.  You’re using more transport (carbon emissions), more boxes (energy and water to produce even recycled paper products) and more packing materials when not combining. So shop wisely and buy what you need now and may need soon. I know it’s hard when companies offer free shipping and it’s easy to just get what you want when you need it. However it does have an impact buying multiple times a month rather than one big order to STOCK up.

2. Another way is to talk to your neighbours, friends, family or colleagues and combine orders. This helps in the same way as discussed above and can save everyone money (free shipping or discounts for multiple items). Who doesn’t like to save money these days!

3. Donate your boxes and packaging to Kindergartens, schools or other businesses. Children love to use old boxes and materials for crafts and artworks. Other businesses are often looking at repurposing boxes for their own shipping  needs which saves them money and their impact on the environment. We are one of those businesses that source used boxes!

4. Dispose of your packaging thoughtfully by putting it in your recycling bins (if recyclable) or repurposing them for yourself. Glass jars or metal tins can be reused for many different things. I saw a great example of someone using a used deodorant tin for a home made candle!

5. Choose stores who also have positive values when it comes to the environment. The products they choose (are they environmentally friendly?), shipping methods and how they run are all important to look at when trying to shop greener.

How we reduce our footprint when packing up your orders.

At Honestly Natural, we reduce our environmental impact as much as possible by using recycled packaging materials. We source all our boxes from businesses that have already used them. We then repurpose these to ship your goods.

The more times we can reuse a product the better!  We also feel it is important to use smaller packaging to reduce the amount of space needed on a truck and lowering the carbon footprint. Often, companies will pack huge boxes full of packing material and only a few products to minimise breakage. We feel we should pack smarter, pack tightly into small boxes so items can’t move while still lowering our impact on the environment through carbon emissions and less paper products.

Trying to buy plastic free online is always a wonderful step to take to be eco conscious. We have a growing range of plastic free items too!

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