Protect baby’s skin from winter weather

Natural Winter Protection

Winter can be a gorgeous time of year; warming drinks like hot chocolate, sitting in front of fires, snuggling up in blankets and what about those stunning misty mornings. As lovely as all that is, winter does bring with it dry skin, cracked lips, redness and one UNHAPPY baby!

Babies are particularly vulnerable to the elements drying their skin out. Babies have much thinner, more absorbent skin than an adult and can be affected from the elements more so than their parents. Because of babies young immature skin and vulnerability to toxicity through topically applied products, it’s important to choose toxin free. Ensure all products you put onto bubs skin are the safest choices possible.

Top 6 ways to protect your child’s skin this winter.


1.Keep bub wrapped up as much as possible when outside if it’s chilly, especially with wind. Shield their precious skin with a scarf and a beanie, keep as much skin covered as possible

2. When using a heater indoors, keep the room temperature to a comfortable 21 degrees. Heaters will also dry out skin and when they are on too high, it just intensifies the drying process and can dehydrate without being aware of it.

3. Avoid washes (or any product for that matter) that contain synthetic surfactants, parabens, preservatives and fragrances. Even the ‘natural’ labelled  products can still have hidden nasties for young babies and children’s skin, so also look out for the following ingredients found in some natural products:

  • Phenoxyethelene
  • Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate
  • Benzyl alchohol
  • Potassium sorbate
  • Fragrance/parfum or
  • Tocopheryl acetate (look for natural tocopheryl instead).

Washes which contain any of the above can strip your bubs skin of their natural protective oils which is meant to keep their skin hydrated. Opt for washes that keep skins PH balanced. Natural body washes are a beautiful choice. They are designed to keep skin hydrated and won’t strip oils. Some people prefer a bar soap (I’m one of those), just ensure you find one with premium ingredients and oils, these will then be perfectly balanced and gentle enough for newborn and toddlers skin. Cheap ingredients in bar soaps will leave your babies skin dry and tight.

4. Lotions and moisturisers are a great choice to hydrate bubs skin after a dry winter’s day. After a warm bath (not too hot or again it can dry the skin.. seems everything dries our skin out, doesn’t it?!) apply an oil, balm or lotion. Products containing shea butter, coconut, argan, avocado, jojoba and almond oils are terrific for our skin and are well known hydrators.

Massage oils are another wonderful choice and can hydrate the skin and provide a relaxing bonding situation as well. ALWAYS ensure any massage oil you choose are free from mineral oils, fragrances and any nasties.

5. Dry air and winds can wreak havoc on our lips; I know it is so uncomfortable when I have dry lips so babies and children must find it unbearable! When choosing lip balms for children ensure it is fragrance free, mineral oil free and is as simple and natural as possible. It is inevitable with anything placed on the mouth, nose or hands, some will end up being swallowed.

6. Lastly, stay hydrated. Even though you’re not hot and might not feel you need to drink, running heaters and going in and out of different temperatures all day can dehydrate you and your skin quickly.

Enjoy this winter and don’t let it stop you from getting out and enjoying your day Xx

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