Weleda Burns & Bites Gel


Weleda burns and bites gel is the perfect companion for your first aid kit. This gel will help to stop the pain, redness and itch of an insect bite. It is also great for minor burns, scalds and sunburn. Each chosen ingredient in Weledas Burns & bites gel has been selected for their powerful healing properties.

Vegan ProductNo animal testing

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Weleda Burns & Bites gel is a cooling and soothing herbal medicine. Designed to relieve pain and promote healing of minor burns, sunburn, soothes itchy bites and skin rashes. Burns & bites gel has a powerful combination of herbs well known for thier healing and soothing properties.

What are the Healing Herbs?

Arnica is a popular ingredient in homeopathic medicine because of its skin healing properties. It is also anti-inflamatory so perfect to reduce any swelling and pain caused by insect bites or minor burns. Echinacea’s anti-inflammatory properties also help with swelling, it’s antiseptic, antibacterial and antimicrobial. Aloe Vera will help cool and sooth and hydrate any skin irritations.

I always keep one in the house for those unexpected accidents in the kitchen or out in the garden. You never know when a bull ant or bee might sting. Fabulouse for sunburt skin or those little accidents with the oven trays.

Vegan Friendly product

If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner. Always read the label. Use only as instructed. Contains ethanol. For the treatment of burns, immediate treatment should consist of the rapid application of cold water for a suitable period and the product should only be applied afterwards. The product is for the first-aid treatment of minor burns only and medical advice should be sought for the treatment of more serious burns.