Washpool – Facial Cleanser (Charcoal & Brazilian Clay)


Washpools Facial Cleansers leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated. Enriched with Activated Charcoal, Brazillian Clay and Aloe Vera it is is the most effective and affordable way to gently cleanse your skin. With only premium ingredients which create a rich lather to gently cleans away any dirt and grime thanks to the activated charcoal.

 Australian Made company

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Washpool Vegan Facial cleanser is unlike traditional soaps which leave your skin feeling tight and dry. The ingredients in this facial cleanser deeply penetrate and moisturise your skin leaving it to smooth and soft. This Beautiful moisturising soap contains Activated Charcoal. Activated charcoal can help trap chemicals and impurities in the skin, it absorb and draws out oil and impurities.

Brazilian Clay has been added because it is particularly good for sensitive skin and also helps absorb oil from the skin. With only premium oils and butters of Olive, Coconut, Avocado, Castor Oils & Cacoa & Shea Butters. These will deeply penetrate and moisturise your skin.

Aloe-vera has been added for it’s refreshing, soothing and restorative properties. It can help with flaky & dry skin while protecting and moisturising the skin. It contains antioxidants including beta carotene, vitamin C and E.