Om Made – Charcoal & Turmeric Whitening Toothpaste


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Get the benefits of oil pulling with the whitening properties of Activated Charcoal and the anti-inflammatory properties of Turmeric. OmMade Activated Charcoal Toothpaste is hand crafted using only the most Purest & Most Natural ingredients which have been chosen for their therapeutic benefits.

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Om Made’s whitening toothpaste is a powerful blend of ingredients well known for their whitening, healing and cleaning properties.

Enriched with Turmeric Powder which contains approximately 3-4% curcumin by dry weight. This yellow pigmented polyphenol has been studied extensively in human clinical research as a natural alternative to the common mouthwash ingredient known as chlorhexidine. Chlorohexidine is used for the treatment of gingivitis, “inflammation of the gum tissue”. Rather than using chemicals to kill germs why not opt for a natural alternative? Ingredients of Activated charcoal pull toxins from your moutn and help remove stains. It can also change the PH and health of your mouth so is therefore effective in preventing cavities and killing the bad bad bacteria present in tooth decay and gingivitis. Calcium Carbonate is added to assist in the remineralising process. While Peppermint oil, due to its antiseptic properties helps to eliminates bad breath and helps teeth and gums stay healthy. You are also left with that clean fresh teeth feeling from the peppermint.

Vegan friendly and plastic free!