Noosa Basics – Scalp Serum


Noosa Basics Scalp treatment has been designed to help with slow growing or thinning hair, perfect for anyone wanting Longer, thicker hair quickly. It is also the perfect treatment for anyone experiencing hair falling out or balding. With a blend of oils well known to help stimulate hair growth your hair will feel healthier and longer when used regularly.

Vegan Product Recyclable Packaging No animal testing Australian Made company

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Noosa Basics Scalp serum has a traditional blend of well known oils which will help to stimulate your hair growth. These oils have been proven to make hair healthier and longer when used regularly.

Grow thick and long hair with this unique combination of carefully selected organic oils. This serum will help to promote blood circulation and strengthen the roots of your hair. Castor oil has been added as it is well known as a natural alternative to promote hair growth for thousands of years. It’ss packed with fatty acids and nutrients and contains antibacterial and antifungal properties that promote a healthy happy scalp. It has a lovely herbal scent and best of all it works while you sleep, easy!

Vegan friendly