Lavera- Soft Eyeliner (black)


Lavera soft eyeliner pencil has been designed for sensitive and allergy-prone eyes. Created with the perfect blend of high quality Natural and organic ingredients to provide your eyes with added definition. Because it’s so soft, it glides on easily with no pulling or skipping. It lasts longer than most other natural pencil eyeliners, and it smudges well for a soft and sultry smoky eye.

No animal testingRecyclable Packaging Vegan Product

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This black eyeliner pencil is a classic, matte black. Made with only high-quality organic ingredients such as jojoba, shea butter,
vitamins e and c, and sunflower oil. Created using only natural pigments from iron oxide so no synthetic colours whatsoever! Lavera has created a high quality, easy to use eyeliner. Without the hidden nasty chemicals found in many other natural make up brands.

Create a natural look with a very thin line, a bold and dramatic look with a thicker line, or for a sultry smoky look, you can smudge the liner with your finger or a Q-tip.

Made in Germany, Vegan friendly