Lavera- Lipstick (Matt’n Peach)


Lavera’s Peach is classic lipstick for every occasion. Matt effects are often preferred when it comes to BOLD statements. Give a chic and sophisticated look with Lavera’s Matt’n Red.  Lavera have created a highly pigmented natural lipstick. This means they are full of colour! All Laveras lipsticks are free of synthetic chemicals and any heavy metals. They’re a nourishing treat for your lips because they’re packed with hydrating and soothing natural oils. Camel is a nude mocha toned shade. Perfect for those with fair skin and warm undertones.


Lavera’s natural lipstick is packed full of nourishing ingredients. Premium ingredients such as Organic jojoba oil, shea butter, almond oil and argan oil. These creamy and luscious natural lipsticks are so comfortable to wear.

Available in 10 gorgeous shades!

Lavera only uses high-quality pigments from natural minerals to colour all their lipsticks. Not a synthetic red in sight!

Premium ingredients such as Organic rose, mallow and lime blossom are also added to provide you gentle, soothing protection for your lips.

We’ve all heard of the new lipsticks that look untouched on your lips for a day at a time. While Lavera’s lipsticks do have staying power, they’re made with all-natural ingredients so you will need to take a minute to reapply them during the day. The good news is that you aren’t drying out your lips or ingesting ingredients like silicone, heavy metals, Synthetic Dyes and parabens! Lavera Color Intense delivers beautiful color along with peace of mind.

Made in Germany

Ethically harvested beeswax