IME Natural Perfume – kleio [Elegant]


Elegant is an impressive scent with a beautiful blend of botanicals which are friendly and romantic with sweet florals, a touch of gentle spice and warm woods. A classic for all time. A romantic blend which will make you feel strong and sexy, ready for the day/ night ahead!

  Australian Made company

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This natural perfume is a romantic blend with sweet florals, touches of gentle spice and warm wood. A timeless, classic, elegant blend. When you wear it you will feel special and elegant. Kleio [Elegant] is a soft, classic scent which will make you feel stylish and elegant.

Mood Inspired: Elegant, Passionate

The muse of History is timeless and classic. She will inspire you to record life’s precious moments and reminice over past events. With a sharp memory and clear perspective, life will shine with elegance and style.

Traditional perfumes are full of synthetic fragrances which can cause headaches and are also hormone distributors. All IME perfumes are created using only natural Essential oils and botanicals -flowers, grasses, herbs, spices, bark, buds and more in a pure alcohol blend (Gluten & GMO free). They are a carefully constructed set of layers known as notes.

Each natural fragrance has been created holistically, so you can choose by muse, by mood, by colour or scent – be inspired , because the magic is in the mist!

Vegan friendly 100% cruelty free