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* FREE SHIPPING* Don’t know which scent to choose? Treat yourself or someone special to experience all nine fragrances available in a handy sample size Collections pack.  A great way to explore and experience life a little different each day. [choose. your. muse]™

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Natural perfume – This great pack contains all of IME’s collections in a sample size. You can wear a different perfume depending on your mood and get to know your favourite scents. When you run out you will know exactly which muse matches you and your personality.  Each pack contains one sample size (2.5ml) of the nine available fragrances in the IME range.

The nine Muses of Greek Mythology have been known throughout time to inspire and guide those who seek their radiance. IME perfumes are a series where each scent is uniquely blended with 100% botanical ingredients that are designed to encompass the essence of each muse.

The IME ladies are for those who dare to dream a life filled with abundant health, happiness and well being. They will give you the inspiration to start making those little changes in your day to day life in order to get closer to that big beautiful dream.

Use them daily, choose them intuitively, love and appreciate each one for who they are and what they can give to you. These girls are your best friends and many many memories will be made together!

Pack Contains:
  • Kalliope (Driven) with a Herbal, spicy and Earthy scent
  • Erato (Naughty) with a Warm Wood, Oriental and Floral scent
  • Euterpe (Cool) which is Fresh and fruity
  • Thalei (Flirty) is Fresh and has a hit of Citrus
  • Terpsichore (Expressive) with a Fresh and Spicy blend
  • Melpomene (Beautiful) is a lovely oriental scent
  • Ourania (Intuitive) with a slightly Oriental, Floral and Musk scent
  • Polyhymnia (Enlighened) has a Green Floral scent
  • Kleio (Elegant) has a soft wood, Floral scent

If you love a particular scent and we don’t sell it yet, please contact me and we can arrange a special purchase.