Four Cow Farm – Hair & Body Wash


A 100% Handcrafted Castile Wash Made Only With Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil and Organic Roman Chamomile Essential Oil. Free of Preservatives, Artificial Additives and Foaming Agents. Excellent on All Skin & Hair.

 Australian Made company



Four Cow Farms castile soap  is made from 100% extra virgin olive oil. Olive oil is rich in anti-oxidants and great for our skin.

A beautiful addition with Organic Roman Chamomile oil. This will sooth and protect sensitive skin. Jojoba oil is a gentle choice to help with healing. It is also anti- inflammatory and moisturising for the skin.

An excellent choice for the whole family.  Use daily for a nourishing and soothing all-over hair, face and body wash. It will leave your body feeling rich and moisturised.  Suitable for irritated skin, dry hair or scalp or those sensitive to chemicals.

Vegan Friendly.

Did you know you can even use it for a Laundry Liquid, hand wash or dog shampoo!