ANSC – Sensitive Shampoo


This softly scented soap uses only the gentlest plant oils to deliver a shampoo perfect for those with a sensitive scalp. Sweet almond oil nourishes hair and helps to fight hair loss whilst grapeseed oil (packed full of vitamin E), and coconut oil (rich in fatty acids and minerals) are ideal for longer stronger hair. These amazing ingredients will add major life and shine to your locks, ANSC’s shampoos will lather up like traditional shampoos but without all the nasty fillers, preservatives and surfactants.

 Australian Made company

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ANSC’s Sensitive shampoo bar only uses natural plant oils: coconut, olive, sweet almond, petitgrain and mandarin. These natural plant oils have the same make up as the natural oils found in your hair. They are non-greasy and fine to use on oily hair. Fragranced with only essential oils you will not only get an exceptional clean, but you will smell amazing too.

Sulfate and Preservative free. Palm oil free which many of the cheaper natural soaps contain. Cruelty free and vegan.

No need for conditioners. The oils in the bars are nourishing and balancing. Your hair will feel soft and clean. We recommend an apple cider vinegar hair rinse occasionally. ACV will re align our hairs PH and help with knots, frizz. This way you will never need conditioner.