ANSC – Salt Cleanser Soap


Harnessing the amazing properties of magnesium salt with this anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, detoxifying soap. Perfect for achy muscles and joints with the hydrating and relaxing benefits of our smoothing and immune boosting mix of oils. Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and detoxifying. Use the power of magnesium salts to tackle acne and stressed-out skin.

 Australian Made company

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A perfect daily salt cleanser. Salt has been used for its incredible benefits for thousands of years now. Magnesium salt is great for our skin because it absorbs the toxins and is a known natural detoxifier. It exfoliates dead skin which in turn increases the circulation. It has antiseptic qualities and leaves your skin feeling soft and relaxed.

The Ancient Greeks and Romans both used seawater as relaxation therapies. This soap also has a lovely addition of vetiver oil used for its calming and  grounding effects on emotions. Relax and revitilise your skin with this brilliant Salt cleansing bar. Use on your face or all over the body to leave your skin feeling incredible!

This is a Vegan friendly choice.