ANSC- Natural Laundry Powder/Soap Flakes


All natural washing powder which will leave your clothes smelling beautiful and fresh. It is biodegradable and grey water friendly and is suitable for both front and top lop loading washing machines. This powder works like a dream, and excellent for soaking clothes or cloth nappies. Fantastic for you skin and the environment! It is also a wonderful choice for washing your dishes and DIY cleaning recipes! It has so many uses. You get approx. 42-52 washes out of a 300g bag. That could last you 13 weeks if you wash 4 times a week like I do and that comes to approx. 35-28cents per wash.

 Australian Made company

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ANSC’s natural laundry powder/Soap Flakes are a fantastic choice for all your cleaning needs. It is cost effective, eco friendly and works great. This is my favorite natural laundry cleaner so far. I have tried soap nuts, safe liquids and powders but they just dont wash as well as this! Combine this with a few drops of Tea Tree or Eucalyptus essential oils for their natural anti-bacterial properties and not only will your washing smell amazing, but it is fantastic for your skin too!

This is an eco friendly choice for our own bodies and for the environment.

Vegan friendly

Choose from a 1kg bag or a smaller 300g of freshly made natural soap flakes. Use by adding one tablespoon to your wash load. (HINT – I like to add a 1 tbs of Bicarb to boost the wash and whiten whites)