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ANSC Dog Shampoo bar is packed full of coconut & castor oil, this soap not only cleans but conditions your dog’s coat. It also combines eucalyptus, peppermint & lavender oils to help repel fleas & make your pooch smell amazing. Using only natural ingredients means our shampoo is much more gentle on their skin & it leaves their coats nice and shiny. Meaning one happy pet!

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ANSC dog shampoo bar has been designed to be anti-bacterial and nourishing. It cleans and lathers up amazingly to combat even the muddiest pooch!

Enriched with eucalyptus and lavender which are well known for their Flea repelling benefits. With moisturising plant oils for a super soft coat you won’t be able to stop patting your best friend’s coat.

We recommend on occasion doing an apple cider vinegar rinse. This is another way to help repel fleas and rebalance your dog’s coat. It will leave his coat silky smooth. After shampooing: 3 tablespoons to 1 cup of water rinsed over the coat. You can also use a spray bottle and spray on. Rinse off

Our dogs deserve safe natural products too. This is one of the very safest choices available. This is my favourite dog shampoo to use. It is so easy and lathers up like a dream.

Vegan friendly choice.