Ahria – Baby Top To Toe Cream


Ahria’s baby Top To Toe Cream is a combination of premium Certified Organic ingredients. Jojoba oil, Shea butter and safflower oil are their hero ingredients.

Each ingredient has been chosen with babies in mind to hydrate and moisturise their little bodies. With an easy to use pump bottle this will be your go to after bath time each night.

Australian Made company

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Ahria has created a cream specifically formulated to absorb into a babies skin to help keep skin soft and hydrated.

With such premium Certified organic ingredients Arhias top to toe cream is a choice you can feel comfortable with when putting creams onto your baby. This can also be used for a beautiful bonding experience between you and your bub. Massage is such a soothing and amazing way to bond with your baby in the early months. Massage and hydrate your babies skin with just one cream.

Babies also have much more delicate and thinner skin than adults and lose moisture much more quickly. Use daily especially in the winter months to keep your child’s skin soft and hydrated.

Top to Toe can also help elevate eczema and skin conditions. Perfect to use daily after a warm bath or any time your baby has dry skin.

Pure natural ingredients & Vegan friendly.