DIY Dry Shampoo

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Dry Shampoo Recipe DIY

A dry shampoo is great if your hair gets a little greasy between washes. Or if you just don’t want to wash it yet. This is where a dry shampoo is brilliant! Using a dry shampoo will extend the time … Read More

Cacao Nut Butter Cups

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Yummy Cacao nut butter cups

Cacao nut butter cups are my ultimate favorite treat. 🙌Hands up if you ❤ healthy sugar free treats. These simple, quick and delicious nut butter cups have a total of only 4 ingredients. These are such a great little treat … Read More

Passion Fruit Panna Cotta

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Panna Cotta Passion Fruit

Courtesy of the Gut Healing Community This is such a yummy recipe, I have always loved a good panna cota but when I chose to follow a diet without dairy, sugar and gluten there were some things I just couldn’t … Read More

Raw Cacao Hot Chocolate

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Raw cacao hot chocolate

It’s the perfect weather now to warm up your hands and enjoy a raw cacao hot chocolate without any guilt. This one is actaully good for your health. Check out some of the amazing benifits of Raw cacao Has more … Read More

Creamy Nut Butter Sauce

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Nut butter sauce

This Creamy Nut Butter Sauce is absolutely delicious! It can be a topping for pretty much what ever takes your fancy! It is also such an EASY recipe to whip up in seconds. Pancakes, ice-cream, apple crumble, porridge, dip fruit … Read More