Natural Stain remover for clothes

When you choose to go natural, removing stains and brightening whites is one of the very hardest things to do. My friends and I used to joke about having our light coloured clothes just for wearing in the house because they were always stained. My daughters clothes would have spots of stains from coconut oil, mud and who knows what else.

I wash and wash these clothes and the stains just don’t come out with a normal natural detergent…..UNTIL NOW!

I discovered washpool’s laundry bar and I wish I found this years ago. It seriously is amazing. You will have no need for harsh detergents anymore like Nappysan or Omo to remove stains!

This is how I use the bar:

Give the clothes a good rub with the bar, then rub the clothes together.

For long term stains I soak in the soapy water overnight then throw it in the wash without rinsing (just squeeze out the liquid).

I had a lot of clothes with stains haha

Check out these before and after pics below!
These clothes had already been washed TWICE/THRICE..MORE… and the stains remained…..I used the bar and look at how much better they look!

I was so surprised with how amazing the results were with just a bar soap.

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