Natural Remedies for Teething Pain

Natural Remedies for Teething

Teething! We all dread that word as our little bundles start to get older. Some babies sail through the process with no symptoms at all, but for others it can be a more uncomfortable time, causing distress to both you and your baby. We always wonder why. Why is my baby super irritable? Oh my gosh, why are bubs cheeks so red! Are they teething? Are they sick? Why is his poop all runny?

There are many different signs your baby is teething and it can all start to happen generally from 4 – 7 months of age. 

Some of the general signs of a teething baby are:

  • Red swollen gums
  • Flushed cheeks
  • Dribbling
  • Irritability or restlessness
  • A slight fever
  • Pulling the ear on the same side as the erupting tooth
  • Sucking fingers and fists
  • Runny bowel movements

We all know about teething rings, which can be chilled in the fridge for extra relief. Massaging their gums with a clean finger can also help, as can distracting them from the pain by cuddling or playing with them or even a nice warm bath has been shown to help. These are good, but sometimes we just need MORE! We need different things to try as all babies are different.

We have compiled eight natural remedies which could help you and your bub during times when teething can become hard. These methods are free of chemicals and medications and tried and tested by real mums! I spoke with a bunch of health minded mums and these were the best remedies which had real results from real mummas!

Top 8 Natural Remedies for teething

1. Camomile Tea

Camomile Tea
This is a wonderful tried and tested remedy. So many mothers I have spoken to highly recommend Chamomile tea. There are a few different ways you can use it to help with teething.
Make the tea, stick a face washer in it to soak and place it in the fridge. Once it’s nice and chilled, let your little one bite, suck and do whatever they please with that face washer.
You can also make the tea and turn them into ice blocks and place in a mesh bag.

2.Celery sticks (chilled & organic)

Celery sticks (chilled & organic)
Celery has natural anti-inflammatory properties and is a great ingredient to chew on. It’s hard to break off and feels good as it squishes.

3. Breastmilk Ice blocks

Breastfeeding for teething

Breastmilk Ice blocks
If you are able to Breastfeed and express, making breastmilk ice blocks is a fabulous choice. Put them in a mesh bag or freeze in ice cream moulds for them to rub their gums on. Breastmilk has comforting and healing properties which is individualised just for your own bubs needs.

4. Frozen carrots or banana

Friozen banana or Carrot for teething

Frozen carrots or banana
Frozen carrots or banana is great for your toddler or baby to rub on their gums and give it a good ol’ chewing. Being frozen, it can help to numb the gums while soothing any pain.

5.Liquorice Root

licorice root for teething

Liquorice Root
Looks like a stick, sort of is a stick. It’s the root from a liquorice plant so yeah it’s a stick. But it is a little bit magic for your little one when teething pain hits. Liquorice root will naturally cool and numb the gums. It also has a nice flavour children may like and is quite hardy when chewed.

6. Cold water on a toothbrush

Cold Toothbrush for Teething pain

Cold water on a toothbrush
Stick your toothbrush in a glass of water and leave it in the fridge until it is nice and chilled. Let them rub it all over their gums to give some relief.

7. Spring Onion (green onion)

Spring Onion for chewing when teething

Spring Onion (green onion)
This sounds a little strange, but children love tart flavours and some may happily chew on a spring onion, especially when they realise they are getting relief! I know what you’re thinking, ONION! This is nowhere near as strong as a normal brown onion. Spring onion is pretty tasty and I have spoken to people who swear by this for their children. Onion has anti-inflammatory properties and helps soothe and numb the gums. Also nice and chewy for sore gums.

8. Amber Teething Necklaces

Baltic Teething jewellery for teething

Amber Teething Necklaces
You either love them or hate them. I know people who swear by these, they truly believe they work. The child’s body heats the amber, causing it to release oils containing succinic acid. The succinic acid, in theory, gets absorbed into the bloodstream, helping to ease baby’s pain. They also look super adorable on kids. It is however VERY important to ensure it is 100% Baltic amber. There are some fakes around the place so be wary. You can see real ones here

Lets look at off the shelf choices

What about products on the shelves? Are they any good? To be honest not many are, lots of greenwashing.I have only been able to find one truly natural one on the shelves.

Weleda Teething Powder
This is pure, white, GOLD. I have heard mums say their baby went from screaming to asleep in 4 minutes after using Weledas teething powder. YES PLEASE! This is one of the very most natural off the shelf choices.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Bonjela? This is the go to for many, many parents in Australia. Although have you ever looked at the ingredients? The warning label on the back?

Bonjella™ has cetalkonium chloride as its preservative, which according to the Environmental Working Group it is in the benzalkonium chloride  family. According to Skin Deep&r; can cause respiratory issues, flare up eczema and more.

Considered a more natural option on the shelves is Brauers Teething homeopathic formula™. However when I spoke with the company, Methyl hydroxbenzoaete and Propyl Hydroxbenzoate are used as a preservative, which are Parabens. Brauer claim these to be fine because there is “insufficient scientific evidence of harm” and they are used in very small quanities.

Both of the above products have ingredients in them which wouldn’t comply with our ingredient policy.

If natural DIY remedies still won’t do the job for your little bubba I would highly suggest Weledas Teething Powder over any other on the shelf options. If you are looking for a Vegan option, cathay Herbal is also a wonderful choice.

*Babies under the age of 6 months – It is not recommended that babies under six month have any solids so please speak with your health professional before using any food type methods. If teething symptoms persist, talk to your healthcare professional.

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