Make your own Biodegradable Glitter

make your own eco biodegradable glitter

Glitter. Colourful, fun and a Micro Plastic. Yes unfortunately traditional glitter is made from very small pieces of plastic which often wash down the sink and into our waterways.

Did you know that by 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans than there will be fish! There are some awesome ways we can reduce our plastic usage however and it can be achieved very easily in the home.

Biodegradable glitter isn’t readily available yet. Lucky it is gaining momentum however! Woohoo. But if you can’t wait for yours to arrive or want a cost effective alternative we have it.

This week my daughter and I decided we would try making our own glitter as this is something we don’t usually buy. We tried making it with a few different ingredients. Those included table salt, sugar, Epson salts and sea salt. The winner of the 4 was by far was the sugar. It created bold colours and had a good sparkle to it.

None of the salts held their colours well and didn’t have a shine to them. With all the experimenting the sugar was a clear winner. This is a picture of the sea salt next to the sugar, you can see the colour difference.

Making your own glitter is a really simple process which your kids can pretty much do themselves (just not the oven). It also gives your kids all sorts of learning opportunities. Mathematical reasoning (quantities, counting drops of dye, spoons of sugar). Communication skills (talking about the process). Cause and Effect (seeing colour changes ect). Fine motor skills and so much more, just from a bag of sugar!

Here is how you make your own ECO biodegradable Glitter

What you will need:

  • Sugar (as much as you want we used 2tbs)
  • Food Dye


Mix a few drops of colouring into the sugar. Mix until its all combined, you may need to squash it around a little. See the video for a demonstration from my 4 year old.

Once the dye is all combined, pour (one colour at a time) onto a baking tray lined with baking paper. Place in an oven at 160degrees C for approx 1 min. Too long and you will start to make toffee. You only need to dry the sugar out as the dye makes it wet. You can also place it in the hot sun for a little while. It may stick together a little, break it up with the spoon. It should be colourful and have a slight sparkle to it!

Once it has cooled put it in your containers and start creating. Glue stick glue seems to work the best as a more liquid glue will absorb the sugar and dye.

Art by Elyse 4yrs old

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