When it comes to natural products they are NOT all created equal

Some can still contain a few harmful ingredients even though they are labelled as natural, pure, organic, phalate free etc.

Which is why, We say No to ingredients that others WON’T!


There is a new movement with Natural Products. As consumers, we are becoming more aware of what we put on our skin. We are ‘waking up’ and reading labels. We want to make the right choices.
So many new ‘natural’ products are flooding the market because ‘natural’ is what people want. But, there’s a massive variation of ingredients in those ‘natural’ products. Some are safer, cleaner and more natural than others. But how can you tell the difference?

It all comes down to what is on the label. Choosing CLEAN products vs just 'natural' is the very best option. This way you avoid any ingredients which have the potential to harm.

Here is a good example of what I mean by Clean natural products


We have two products, almost identical. The keyword is ALMOST. Both are natural, both strawberry, but one is cleaner than the other. When I say cleaner, I mean the ingredients are cleaner, safer and less likely to cause harm or irritation.

⬅️The one on the left is a cleaner toothpaste because it does not contain preservatives like its buddy. It has ingredients like coconut oil, AloeVera and bicarb.

➡️The one on the right contains different natural ingredients like xylitol, silica and calendula. What makes it a less clean choice however, is it contains potassium sorbate. There is strong evidence to suggest that potassium sorbate is a human skin toxicant or allergen. The toothpaste on the left contains ingredients that have a much lower potential to cause irritation or toxicity.

Both marketed as natural, but only 1 is completely clean.

This picture really shows what we are trying to do for you here at Honestly Natural. Looking at all natural products, evaluating every single ingredient, and finding the very cleanest products for your health and wellbeing 🙏🙏

  • Common Toxic Ingredients we ban

    ❌Mineral Oils ❌Petroleum based ingredients ❌Synthetic fragrances ❌SLS & SLES ❌Phthalates ❌Parabens ❌Sulphates ❌Triclosan

  • We ALSO BAN these common ingredients found in 'natural' & Organic products

    ❌Phenoxyethanol ❌Potassium Sorbate ❌Sodium hydroxymethlyglycinate ❌Lactic acid ❌Benzyl Alcohol ❌Luceidal root ferment ❌Some essential oils ❌ Preservatives ❌Some Essential Oils

  • Plus many more ingredients which can be harmful or an allergen

We are the first Health & Beauty store to only allow ingredients of a rating 1-2 on the Environmental Working Groups Scale

The EWG is the WORLD’S strictest chemical data base (Skin Deep)

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Our KEY features

We have your health in mind and carefully select only the very safest and most natural products for your entire family. We hate greenwashing and misleading claims, which is why we make sure there are No Nasties whatsoever in our products. We Offer Only Truly, Honestly, Natural Ingredients.

Making each and every product we sell the very safest choice possible for you.


We have a wide range of Vegan Products


NON of our  products are tested on animals


Majority of products are made in Australia as we like to keep it as close to home as possible.


we are Australia's first store to stock a range of products with only a 1-2 on the EWG scale.