How to make a natural head lice treatment

Head lice treatment natural

The dreaded words, HEAD LICE.

Have you ever gone to pick up your child from day care and see the sign on the door ‘we have a case of head lice in the wallaby room’, or has a school teacher called you to tell you your child has nits! Eeek… Fear not, you don’t need to lather your child’s head in toxic chemicals to get rid of them. I have worked in childcare for over 10 years so I have unfortunately got nits myself a few times (not my daughter so far but it’s prep next year! Uh oh).  And as you know, I wouldn’t be putting any chemicals on my head! These are two methods I’ve used.

I’ve also added a recipe for a deterrent spray I use on my daughter. I use this in the hope it will keep any nits from wanting to make a new home on her head! It’s important to know that natural treatments won’t always kill the eggs, only harsh toxic ingredients are an all-in-one without the need for combing. When you want to avoid chemicals, it takes a little more time and effort but it’s worth it for your child’s health. You just have to comb out the eggs.

Method 1:

2 cups melted coconut oil
20 drops Tea tree oil or Lavender oil

In dry hair, saturate hair in coconut and essential oil mix.  Ask your child to hold a face washer over their eyes.  Cover the head with a shower cap or t-shirt folded up into a head wrap and leave overnight, this will suffocate the head lice and kill the adults. 

Wash the coconut oil out.

You will need to comb out the eggs section by section. Rinse the brush after each section in vinegar. Repeat the entire method after 5-7 days. Keep repeating until all the nits are dead and there are no more eggs. If your child is a superstar and lets you comb for a while, you may very well get out most of the eggs and will only need one extra treatment.

Method 2:

Use Diatomaceous earth, it’s actually used for a natural insecticide. Great for bed bugs, lice, ants, cockroaches etc. You must be very careful with this as to not breathe in the dust because it’s so fine. So use caution, you don’t want this getting into yours or your child’s lungs.

Mix a few drops of Tea tree oil in 1 cup of Diatomaceous earth. Massage the mixture into the head, it can help to use a make-up brush to apply it or just being careful with a small cup or spoon.
Gently put it all over the hair and massage with your fingers, making sure you massage it around everywhere. Wrap the head with a t-shirt or shower cap and leave on overnight.

In the morning, use a nit comb and comb out all the dead nits and eggs. This won’t kill all the eggs, but if you do this every couple of days the lice won’t be able to reproduce. Using the comb should also get out eggs, it just takes time and patience with those little combs.

Preventative Spray

This is a nice one to use each day before school or daycare to help deter the bugs from wanting to make a new home.
In a spray bottle, all you need to do is add:

5-10 drops Tea Tree oil
5-8 drops Lavander oil
250 ml of a carrier oil of choice

Spray onto wet or dry hair before school or daycare

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