Guide to choosing toxin free baby wipes without being green-washed

Guide to choosing natural toxin free baby wipes

Baby wipes are an essential item for all parents. Whether you are using reusable wipes or disposables, we all have to clean our babies and toddlers bottoms. If you are using reusable wipes you have total control over the ingredients (usually it is only water and perhaps an essential oil), but when you are choosing to buy disposable wipes it can be quite confusing and overwhelming to choose the very safest product. I had a look at what was available at the supermarkets and searched for what looked like a more eco/natural choice. I then looked at the ingredients list on all of them to see if I could find a clean and safe choice.

Are these natural wipes really toxic free?

I chose wipes which were marketed as ‘natural’ or looked like a natural choice to critique; I also found 3 options which are completely natural. The wipes I critiqued were:

Waterwipes, Gaia, Eco by Naty and Little Ones, Wot Not, Thank You, Jak Organics, Little innosents and Rascal and Friends

Natural Baby wipes which is the safest

What I found with all of those choices is that they ALL contained ingredients which should be avoided if you are trying to stay away from toxins.  Especially as these are going on very sensitive areas on children, you don’t want any endocrine disruptors or toxins there!

So here is what I found with these wipes.

Water wipes contain Benzethonium Chloride which is toxic

Water Wipes

Firstly I was really surprised and really disappointed with Waterwipes. There are two ingredients listed, water and citrus seed extract. BUT the packet states it contains trace amounts of
● Benzethonium chloride.
This comes from the citrus seed extract; unfortunately citrus seed extract can be contaminated with 3 toxins: ethylparaben, triclosan and/or Benzethonium chloride. Water wipes state that theirs have trace amounts of Benzethonium Chloride. This ingredient is a known human toxicant or allergen. Yes, It is only trace amounts, but if you think about the amount of times you use a wipe each day, each week, it can all add up over long term use. I always feel like it is better to be safe than sorry. For me this is a big NO

Are Gaia baby wipes toxin free? No

Gaia Bamboo Wipes

Next I looked at Gaia’s bamboo wipes. Gaia has been in the spotlight as of late for misleading customers about their natural claims. I feel Gaia is a great example of greenwashing as their products often contain toxins. In these wipes I am concerned with:
●Phenoxyethanol – this is a known skin irritant, it can flair up eczema etc
●Cocamidopropyl Betaine – according to the EWG this ingredient is unsafe in products left on skin and not rinsed off.
●Polysorbate 20 – can be contaminated with ETHYLENE OXIDE & 1,4-DIOXANE both known carcinogens.

Little ones wipes are they safe?

Little Ones Fragrance Free

Little ones could be perceived as a safe choice as it says fragrance free, alcohol free, hypoallergenic etc. However This also contains
●Polysorbate 20
● Phenoxyethanol.
It also contains
●Sodium Benzoate – a skin irritant
● Tocopheryl Acetate – human skin toxicant or allergen
All of these ingredients are often found in a natural product but they aren’t a clean choice. There are quite a few skin irritating ingredients there!                                                                                                                                                                

Eco by Naty are they toxin free

Eco By Naty

Eco by Naty. Not terrible but there were two ingredients I found which have data to show they are irritating. Still not the cleanest choice if you are wanting to avoid toxins.
The ingredients of concern were:
● Sodium Benzoate – skin irritant
● Potassium Sorbate – also a skin irritant (This is a very common preservative in many natural products)

Little Innoscents

Like the brands above they just miss the mark for being truly natural.
Little Innoscents contains a preservative.
● Potassium Sorbate – Such a common preservative in so many natural products but as I said above it can be a skin irritant

Thank you baby wipes contain toxins

Thank You

Thank you contains a bunch of ingredients which don’t have very much data to show if they are or are not safe for us such as Polyglyceryl-2-Dipolydroxystearate and Dicaprylyl Carbonate. When it comes to ingredients with NO data or studies, I like to ere on the side of caution and look for a better alternative product. There are also two preservatives in these wipes.
● Potassium Sorbate – possible skin irritant
●Phenoxyethanol – this is a known skin irritant, it can flair up eczema etc.

are little rascals natuarl

Rascal and Friends

Rascal and Friends contain one questionable ingredient.
● Sodium Benzoate – Petroleum derived skin irritant.
There are USE RESTRICTIONS associated with Sodium Benzoate meaning you are only able to have certain amounts in products; there is also insufficient data to actaully determine its safety. Based on the above I would be quite cautious of Sodium Benzoate in any skin care products.

So which wipes are actually toxin free?

Ok so there’s the bad news all those ‘natural’ wipes aren’t so natural after all (😭).
I know, now you’re wondering, well, what wipes are safe and toxin free then? Which wipes will be safe on my child if these ones I thought were natural aren’t?

I have found a brand which is free of anything hidden that could potentially cause harm. They contain ingredients which are beneficial to the skin and can help keep nappy rashes away. How good does that sound!

Joonya have fabulous ethos, the wipes are biodegradable AND the packaging is 100% recyclable!
All the ingredients are non-toxic and the wipes are super effective. There is no alcohol, chlorine, petrochemicals, formaldehyde, parabens or phenols.
Yippeee. They also contain skin loving and nourishing ingredients which won’t dry your little ones bum out. Check out the full description of these beautiful wipes here

Tooshies By Tom are another beautiful choice. These wipes are 100% biodegradable and made with organic aloe vera and chamomile to soothe delicate skin. All the ingredients are safe for little bums. The difference with these and Joonya are that they contain Jojoba Oil to moisturise the skin and help wipe away messes leaving a smooth bum. They also have reyclable packaging, they both have similar ingredients so it all does really come down to preference. You can find the Tooshies by Tom here

Lastly Jak Organics: now let me be clear, not all of the Jak products are safe for our site or your skin. These aqua wipes have great ingredients but their other wipes, the Baby wipes contains Potassium Sorbate (discussed above) so I would make sure if you love Jak use their Aqua.
Their Aqua wipes are great, similar to what water wipes were trying to do just without the toxic contaminant. They have nailed this one by only adding 99.9% pure water and 3 other natural and safe ingredients. If you are looking for a simple wipe with only a few ingredients this is the one for you. You can find them here

This blog really shows what we are trying to do for you here at Honestly Natural. Looking at all natural products, evaluating every single ingredient, and finding the very cleanest products for your health and wellbeing 🙏🙏
This review is not bias at all, it was about me looking at commonly bought ‘natural’ wipes and weeding out the unsafe with the safe. I was also asked to add brands in so if there are other brands you want me to check ingredients of please message me.

We have the Strictest Ingredients policy in Australia & New Zealand

If you want to know more about what Honestly Natural is about please read our About page or our Ingredients Policy. I am trying to create a space where you can find only the CLEANEST natural products on the market, no green-washing and no misleading claims. Every ingredient in all products must only be a rating 1-2 on the EWG scale, we are the first store to be this strict (other natural stores allow up to a 5-6).

This ensures every product is Clean, safe and completely natural for you and your family xx

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    1. Hi Leah,
      Sorry I took all week to get back to you. I have been waiting on a response from Ecoriginals and I am happy to tell you their wipes are great. I will add them onto the list of safe ones on the blog. I had to find out about their grapeseed extract and make sure it wasn’t contaminated like Water wipes were but it is a different grapeseed extract so its fine 🙂

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