DIY Natural Oven cleaner

natural oven cleaner


This is something I have been pondering for some time. Since starting my own low TOX cleaning business in Jan 2020 (Eco Fairy Cleaning) I have always said no to ovens because I just didn’t think I could do a good enough job using only natural ingredients.

I have now started to do a lot of vacate cleans and with vacates you need to often do ovens. I’m not prepared to spray toxic oven cleaner with POISON labelled on the outside (it is also against Eco Fairy policy) so I had to think of how to do it.

I have now found a way which I think works really well. Tenants and real estate agents check the ovens and have no complaints so far.

Here’s what you will need:

What you need for a DIY natural oven cleaner

The steps to a clean oven without any of those toxic fumes.

Step 1 – Make a bicarb paste using 4 parts Bicarb and 1 Part Water

bicarb paste oven cleaner

Step 2 – Scrape away any expess food stuck on the oven with a plastic scraper. As much as possible get all the scraps off. Then spread the paste on all the dirty areas of your oven.

bicarb for a natural oven cleaner

Step 3 – Let it sit for a minimum of 2 hours. For best results or for very dirty ovens leave overnight (or as long as possible).

Step 4 – Once you have let the paste sit, spray straight vinegar all over the bicarb. Using either a microfiber cloth or non scratch scrubber, rub in a circular motion. We know that chemicals make life easier for us, so because this is 100% natural you might need to put some muscle into it. You can also use a plastic scraper to help.

just water and bicarb for a natural oven cleaner
natural oven cleaner

What about the metal racks?

I figured out the easiest way to clean the racks. Soak in water with vinegar, 2 parts water 1 part vinegar. I usually just stick them in the bath. Once they have soaked for a minimum of 2 hours – overnight, using a coconut scrubber or steel wool (coconut is a great natural choice), scrub each section of the rack. All the black, burnt on bits should just scrub off easily.

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