Natural Stain remover for clothes

When you choose to go natural, removing stains and brightening whites is one of the very hardest things to do. My friends and I used to joke about having our light coloured clothes just for wearing in the house because … Read More

DIY Natural Oven cleaner

natural oven cleaner

YES! YOU CAN CLEAN YOUR OVEN NATURALLY. This is something I have been pondering for some time. Since starting my own low TOX cleaning business in Jan 2020 (Eco Fairy Cleaning) I have always said no to ovens because I … Read More

Tea Tree Oil Myths BUSTED

Tea tree Myths NO it is not a hormone disruptor

Tea Tree Essential oil has had a bad wrap over the years. People are concerned it is a hormone disruptor, you can’t use it on children and it causes skin irritation! I spoke with Adele, our in house aromatherapist, scientist … Read More

Toxin Free DIY Foamy Slime

Foamy Slime DIY recipe fun

We love open ended sensory play in our house. Being a Kindergarten teacher I have a few tricks up my sleeve to keep my Daughter entertained. But when we make anything sensory it MUST be natural and completely toxin free. … Read More

DIY Chamomile Bath Soak For Eczema

chamomile Bath soak Recepie

This little DIY recipe is a great one for anyone with skin upsets. Brilliant for kids who might suffer from eczema. The ingredients can help sooth any sore red skin while promoting its healing. It is also wonderful for soothing … Read More

10 DIY natural cleaning recipes

Natural DIY cleaning recipes for the whole house

When you make DIY natural cleaning recipes, you can feel confident that every ingredient you are using are the safest choices, you know what goes in and it saves you lots of money! Yippee. Sometimes there just aren’t safe enough … Read More