Are Eco Store Ingredients Clean?

Are eco store products as clean as they claim to be

There’s a massive variation of ingredients in ‘natural’ products. Some are safer, cleaner and more natural than others. Just because a product says ‘natural’, it doesn’t always mean it’s 100% safe. But how can you tell the difference? I’m here … Read More

DIY Chamomile Bath Soak For Eczema

chamomile Bath soak Recepie

This little DIY recipe is a great one for anyone with skin upsets. Brilliant for kids who might suffer from eczema. The ingredients can help sooth any sore red skin while promoting its healing. It is also wonderful for soothing … Read More

10 DIY natural cleaning recipes

Natural DIY cleaning recipes for the whole house

When you make DIY natural cleaning recipes, you can feel confident that every ingredient you are using are the safest choices, you know what goes in and it saves you lots of money! Yippee. Sometimes there just aren’t safe enough … Read More

Make your own Biodegradable Glitter

make your own eco biodegradable glitter

Glitter. Colourful, fun and a Micro Plastic. Yes unfortunately traditional glitter is made from very small pieces of plastic which often wash down the sink and into our waterways. Did you know that by 2050 there will be more plastic … Read More