Beeswax and honey are such wonderful ingredients in many natural products. It can help set products and also has such amazing healing properties. The bee industry however, can be very cruel to these special creatures. We know how important they are for our ecosystem; no bees, no pollination, no planet! We understand they are a creature and should be treated well, especially if we are taking from them.

All the bee products in all our products are from small farms predominately Australian.  Our international products with beeswax use certified organic Beeswax which means it must adhere to strict rules regarding ethical harvesting and treatment of the bees. After speaking with some of the small Australian farms I can tell you, they care an awful lot for their own bees. To these farmers the bees are their babies and they do all they can to look after them well.

In some countries, machines are used to harvest which kills millions of bees. This is not the case with our Australian beeswax or honey, or our Certified Organic wax. This is because it has all come from small farms; there are no giant cruel machines anywhere to be seen. There is also NO wing clipping of the queen. This is another practice which is seen overseas unfortunately.

Only the highest quality, ethically harvested beeswax and honey has been used in all our products. Before choosing a product to stock, if it has beeswax we must find out where it is from and their practices before we will stock it. We are strict with our ingredients and we are also strict with the practices used for ingredients, especially when they are of animal origin.

The Manuka honey found in some of our products has also been ethically farmed and harvested. As some of our Manuka is from our friends over in New Zealand. Did you know, Manuka honey can also be made in Australia? It is from a native plant both in New Zealand and Australia, using a type of tea tree plant.

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