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Why Us?

Honestly Natural specialises in TRULY NATURAL products.

We take very special care when selecting stock for you to ensure they are in fact the very safest options available for you and your family.

What sets us apart from other stores is that we have one of the strictest ingredients policy to ensure you are only finding the safest products. If there is the potential for even a natural ingredients to cause reactions, we won’t allow it. An example of a natural ingredient that can potentially cause harm is cinnamon oil. Natural yes, but there is data showing it is most often an allergen. Cinnamon oil is a rating 3 on the EWG scale. We won’t allow this as it isn’t the very safest choice available.

Also don’t be fooled by naturally derived, this only means it is synthesized to mimic the natural properties but the natural properties may still be toxic. Some other common ingredients have been banned in other countries yet they are still allowed in products classed as natural and organic at a certain percentage. Unfortunately you will find products in almost every natural store that still contain these ingredients. NOT US!


HI I’m Nonie, Kindergarten teacher, wife and mother to one beautiful girl, two dogs and one cat.

I am passionate about living a natural and holistic life. My friends often ask for advice which I love to give. I love to learn the latest research and findings on living this way. Honestly natural was born out of my love of living naturally, helping others but mostly out of pure frustration. I was frustrated when hunting for natural products as I noticed so many brands and shops are misleading customers.

I kept finding ‘natural’ products which weren’t so natural, containing chemicals or ingredients which didn’t need to be in there! Organic, naturally derived, free of parabens – you would think these are great wouldn’t you? But this was all marketing and I was shocked to say the least. Some ingredients were formaldehyde releasers, known allergens or had very high toxicity levels. These were the ‘natural’ products; don’t get me started on what is in mainstream products, YUK!

I searched and searched for online stores stocking the very safest and I never found one that stocked just TRULY natural products. Everywhere had a mix of both, so I was constantly searching through ingredients, researching and pulling my hair out!

If this was frustrating me so much, surely others are looking for only the best products for their families too? It takes a lot of research and knowledge to be able to navigate the ingredients and we don’t always have the time to do this. My hope is I can help people and families who don’t have the time to be searching through ingredients. We should all be able to quickly purchase a nappy balm without worrying what’s in it. As life gets so busy we don’t have all day to be searching for the best products for ourselves, we want to get in and out and get it done. This was something I was never able to do, choosing just a shampoo would take 15 minutes after looking thought all the ingredients, to find the best one.

Natural Living and Wellness Blog

Do you love trying out Natural DIY ideas in the home? Do you want to learn how to live a more Natural lifestyle?

Our blog will help you along the way.

When it comes to living a more natural lifestyle there are endless, books, articles and resource available and it can be overwhelming to explore. Our blog has been designed to be all things natural; from Tips and Tricks, DIY ideas, Healthy Recipes and useful Information to help you on your Natural Lifestyle Journey.

With reliable information about living naturally, we will help you learn what to look out for when it comes to ingredients and products. How you can use items in the home for cleaning and ditch those chemical filled bottles. We will also give you some ideas about living a more sustainable life, all things natural, the ideas are endless and I hope you find some useful information to help you and your family.

Tell me about yourself

I’d love to hear about your natural journeys too, so please share with us and we can do this together, if you have something you would like me to research or ask my community of Medical practitioners, nutritionists or other healthy families please do so. It is all a learning journey to live a more natural life, as new research is developed daily about holistic living so we always have something new to learn.

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