5 Baby safe essential oils you can’t live without over winter

5 baby safe essential oils you can't live without over Winter

Guest Blog Post

By Adele from Honestly. 
Scientist, Aromatherapist and Mum

As John Snow said ‘Winter is coming.’ Well in Melbourne it has officially arrived. Along with all the usual colds and flu’s. Having a poorly little one is the worst. No one wants to dose their child up with pain-relief and saccharine medicines, but when they are struggling to breathe at night, their temperatures are getting high, what can you do? It’s just not practical (or possible!) to hide your family away from everyone with the sniffles.

Winter can be such a fun season for your child to explore as well. So don’t stay trapped inside. Collecting autumn leaves, splashing in puddles and seeing snow are but a few learning opportunities winter has to offer.

So how can you make the most of winter without stopping for colds and flu?

Here are 5 essential oils I love to use in winter that are baby-safe, gentle and helpful in making them feel better.

As with any essential oils be sure to always dilute them in a carrier oil before you use them on the skin or in the bath. For children and babies under 10 use 1 drop of EO in 2tbsp (30ml) of carrier oil. This could be coconut oil (liquid), olive oil or sunflower oil. For diffusers and oil burners you can use essential oils neat.

Tea tree – Melaleuca alternifolia

Renown by the Aboriginal community Tea Tree not only is active against bacteria, viruses and fungi but it also acts as an immune stimulant, encouraging the body to actively fight infection. Perfect for treating colds, coughs and flu! I like to burn some throughout the house once a week during winter to help clean all the surfaces in the house. It’s a toxic free way of cleansing the house.

Lemon – Citrus Limon

In winter lemon really does a wonderful job of clarifying and cleansing. The sun is low and everyone is wrapped up meaning you don’t have to worry about skin reactions and UV rays with lemon oil in summer. As a decongestant and antimicrobial lemon will help with sore throats and congested chests. It also is warming helping to bring blood to the affected area and stimulating the immune system. Rub diluted lemon oil onto your baby’s feet before bed to gently clear any mucus and prevent colds from escalating.

Lavender – Lavendula angustifolia

Lavender is a mum’s best friend. It’s a really diverse oil that can be used for so many applications. In the case of colds and flu, Lavender will help calm unsettled moods, relieve fatigue and help with pain-relief. We all know kids and babies get the grumps just like us when they are sick, lavender can help to calm and soothe them. It will also help them sleep and sleep is the best remedy!

Peppermint Gum (pipertone chemotype) – Eucalyptus dives

Peppermint gum is my secret weapon for kids! Unlike the common Eucalyptus it is safe for babies and children but it also has many of the same properties. Peppermint gum is an expectorant and decongestant that works to gently clear mucus and helps little ones breathe easier. It also helps clear up coughs by working throughout the respiratory system. Use it in the bath or the diffuser overnight for easy breathing overnight. You can also put a few drops onto baby’s sheets or pillow.

(dont get this one confused with with Peppermint Oil (‘mentha piperita’) which is UNSAFE to use with babies)

Sandalwood – Santalum album

Sandalwood really isn’t well known for treating respiratory diseases in the Western world. Yet in India it is well known for helping treat colds, coughs and respiratory infections. Sandalwood will kill any bacteria, expel mucus and reduce inflammation. Especially useful with swollen sore throats and chesty coughs. Sandalwood can also help treat dry persistent coughs. It is also a well known sedative so wonderful for helping little ones fall asleep. Bonus!

DIY Winter Relief Recipes

Cheeky Cough and Cold Remedy

1 drop Lavender

2 drops Tea Tree

2 drops Lemon

5 drops Peppermint Gum

30ml (2 tbsp) Carrier oil

Mix oils together in a glass bottle. You can apply to baby’s chest, back or feet. This can also be added to baby’s bath for clearing snotty noses before bed.

*You can multiply the recipe to make a larger quantity but be sure to use within 1 month.

Sleep Easy Cold Blend

4 drops Lavender

1 drop Sandalwood

2 drops Lemon

Mix oils together in a glass bottle. Burn in a diffuser or vaporizer overnight in your child’s room.

Adele makes some wonderful products which are perfect to help relax bubs and young children when its time for bed. 


Scientist, Aromatherapist and Mother of one fun-loving little girl, Adele created her skin care brand out of a passion to provide honest organic skin care for babies and children that actually worked. Knowing how hard it can be to bring up a young family, Adele created her range of hand crafted skin care products that would help mums nurture their family whilst providing opportunities for fun and bonding.

Using her knowledge as a Scientist to thoroughly research ingredient safety and her training as an Aromatherapist, each Honestly product is blended using minimal ingredients for maximum benefit. Regardless of your lifestyle choices, Honestly products are designed to bring fun to family life.

Honestly. Good. Clean. Fun.

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