10 DIY natural cleaning recipes

Natural DIY cleaning recipes for the whole house

When you make DIY natural cleaning recipes, you can feel confident that every ingredient you are using are the safest choices, you know what goes in and it saves you lots of money! Yippee.

Sometimes there just aren’t safe enough products on the market. I still find myself making my own dishwashing powder because I’ve never been happy with any on the shelves (based on their ingredients). Yes even the natural ones!

These recipes are the ones I constantly use myself:  

Mould Cleaner

The dreaded mould in the shower. Mould usually forms on the silicone areas of your shower or bath. You know those black spots, yeah that’s mould. But the good news is you can kill the mould, but not the stains unfortunately. Vinegar and tea tree are a perfect combo to combat mould. Did you know that tea tree is antifungal, anti-infectious and antibacterial?!

In a spray bottle, combine;
1 cup white vinegar
10 drops Tea Tree oil

Spray onto the entire surface and allow to dry fully, don’t rinse or wipe.

Scouring powder

DIY natural scouring powder

These three simple ingredients pack a punch. Save your muscles and try using this scouring powder. It’s perfect for countertops, bath tubs and sinks, porcelain, stainless steel or pots and pans. Bicarb and diatomaceous earth are a gentle abrasive while the cream of tartar is a natural bleach and the lemon oil is a great degreaser. Perfect combo!


½ cup Diatomaceous earth

½ cup Bi-carb

1tsp cream of tartar

6-8 drops of lemon essential oil

Method: Combine all the ingredients together in a sprinkling jar (or DIY with a glass jar and using a hammer and a nail, or power drill, make holes in the lid)
Sprinkle onto area needing scouring and scour with a damp (not dripping) sponge

Powdered dish washing detergent

DIY home made dish washing powder

Dishwashing detergent has always been the hardest thing to find completely safe for us and the environment. Because I couldn’t find one safe enough, I just make my own now. This is the recipe I like to use because it’s so easy and simple.


1 cup Washing Soda (Sodium Carbonate, also known as Soda Ash or Soda Powder)

¼ Cup Sea salt flakes (or Kosher salt if you can find it)

3 drops castile soap or dish liquid

½ cup white vinegar


Mix together the washing soda and salt, store in an airtight container.

When you need to do a load of dishes add 1tbs of the dry mixture and 3 drops of castile soap in the detergent compartment.

Add the vinegar to the rinse aid compartment or the bottom of the machine. Wash as usual. If your plastic or glass have a cloudy film add another drop of soap.

All-purpose spray

Having an all-purpose spray on hand is a must. A DIY one is cheap, effective and makes you feel good for making your own. Am I right? Great for cleaning almost anything. With germ killing ingredients of vinegar, soap and essential oils, it’s all you need for a clean home. (Not suitable for granite, read below for a granite all-purpose cleaner)

½ cup white vinegar

2 tsp castile soap

2 cups of water

Essential oils (lemon, tea tree, lavender, peppermint are great for cleaning)


Mix all ingredients together in a spray bottle and shake gently.

Please note, not suitable for granite benchtops. Acids such as vinegar and citrus Essential oils can damage granite, instead add 1/3 cup vodka and 3 cups water together. Wipe surface with warm water first, allow to dry. Then wipe the entire surface clean with alcohol mixture, wipe clean with a cloth. This will clean and disinfect your granite benchtop.

Clothes whitener/stain removal

Natural DIY Clothes whitner

My friends and I always joke that we have house clothes, that are stained and we just can’t get clean. When you use natural soaps for washing it is hard to keep them looking like your friends who use OMO. But this method is pretty darn good. My husband commented last time his white shirts looked really, really clean!


½ cup Lemon juice

4 litres of hot water

Method: For whites which aren’t so white any more, mix the lemon and water together. Soak for up to an hour. Alternatively for whites just needing a little brightening add just the lemon to the wash cycle. Hang in the sun for 3 hours to help further brighten the whites. The sun is a natural whitener.

Carpet Deodoriser

DIY carpet deodoriser

This is great to do once a month. This will leave your carpet so fresh and free of any little crawlies. Diatomaceous earth is commonly used as an insecticide, it can get rid of fleas, bed bugs and anything that could be lurking in your carpet. It also helps to remove odours.


1 cup diatomaceous earth

15 drops of essential oils of your choice


Add all ingredients into a shaker container and gently shake. Sprinkle over your carpet and allow to sit for 10 – 15 minutes. Vacuum it all up and enjoy fresh clean carpet.

Can also be used on mattresses.

Important: Know your vacuum, if they have a bag, it can get clogged because DE is so fine. A shop vac or a vacuum with a HEPA filter is best.

Floor cleaner

DIY natural Floor cleaner

For wood:

½ cup lemon juice

¾ cup olive oil

4 litres of hot water
Combine in a large mob bucket and mop as usual

For other flooring:

¼ cup liquid Castile soap

4 litres hot water

10 drops Tea tree essential oil

Add all to the bucket and mop as usual

After Shower Spray

DIY After Shower spray

This is a great one to help prevent mould from growing in-between cleans.

Add 3 parts vinegar to 1 part water in a spray bottle.

Spray all over the shower when finished, leave to dry naturally.

Glass cleaner

DIY glass cleaning recipe

Enjoy streak free glass with this simple recipe.

2 cups vinegar

¼ cup water

Add ingredients into a spray bottle, spray glass, mirrors and stainless steel and wipe with a soft cloth. Polish with a second dry cloth. 

Squeaky doors

Natural DIY squeaky door spray

This isn’t a cleaning DIY recipe but it’s such a good one I use all the time. I was so excited when it worked because I always hated that WD40 stuff.  


Olive oil, liquid or spray


Add a few drops of olive oil to the hinges of the squeaky door

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